In English: New Reading Communities, New Modes of Reading

This project investigates how contemporary forms of reading, reception of texts and readerly production transform into new reading. In other words, the project examines the transition from individual reading to communal forms of reading and writing.

This transition is approached with the concepts of social media and participatory economy. In the context of this project, reading is understood as a social activity. Instead of predicting future technological developments, the project focuses on the new reading communities that currently take shape and are being defined in relation to social media, e-papers and magazines, as well as digital libraries.

Research data will be collected from young adults born after 1980, the focus being in how they read, use different media and participate in communal reading and media activities. The empirical research will consist of a survey, media journal and thematic interviews. Data will be collected from three presumably different groups of student readers from The University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Core research questions

* What do young adults read in a new community culture?
* How do young adults read? (viewing vs. concentrated reading, receptions vs. production)
* How viewing and concentrated reading, reception and production interconnect?
* What else (i.e. identity work, profession, pleasure) is reading interconnected with?
* What needs do the complex ways of reading and production respond to?
* How do the respondents find the texts they immerse in?
* What is the relationship between content creation and other textual activies?

Typologies and categories predicting reading communities of 2020 will be created based on the data collected.

Contact person
Professor Mikko Lehtonen
Tel. +358 3 3551 6273

Post doc. researcher
Dr.Soc.Sc., docent Juha Herkman
Tel. + 358 40-190 9759

M.A. Eliisa Vainikka
Tel. +358 3 3551 8061

Helsingin Sanomat Foundation
Duration 2010 – 2012



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